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The SBR-5216 is unlike anything on the market, this shear roller brake has a massive 16 gauge mild steel capacity over its entire with of 52”. This one machine consists of a low production press brake, slip roll, and sheet metal shear.  The SBR-5216 is the most powerful 3-in-1 combination machine on the market and is offered at an economical price making it perfect for home shops, industrial art shops, and other facilities where small production runs don't justify dedicated individual machines.

The shear portion of the SBR-5216 has a spring loaded clamp that keeps the material from lifting up, which extends blade life and helps with cut quality. A blade gap adjustment, as well as a material guide is also included.  The manual press brake section has removable and movable top fingers. The bottom V-block die that is removeable as well. The different fingers allow for many types of boxes and pans to be made. The rolls on the slip roll section are hardened for long life and have three wire grooves, in case wire forming is needed.  The back and top rolls are also adjustable to help with forming different thicknesses.

  • Finger Sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2", 4", 7", 10", 15"
  • 3/4" Bottom V-Die

For more information on the SBR-5216 heavy duty brake roller shear, contact a Baileigh Industrial representative.

Max. Material Thickness (Stainless Steel) .039"
Rolling Capacity 16 ga. (.060”)
Shear Capacity 16 ga. (.060”)
Min. Rolling Dia. 1.70”
Bed Width 52"
Bending Capacity 16 ga. (.060”)
Max. Bend Angle 90 deg.
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 1,200 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 71" x 24" x 38"

* specifications subject to change without notice.


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  • Quality Metal Shaping Tools

    When our custom powder coating business needed to grow in to metal restoration one name repeatedly came up. Based on recommendations, and reputation we quickly realized who we had to call, Baileigh Industrial Tools. Baileigh supplied Streetwerkz with a 52" 16 ga brake, shear, roll, a shrinker, stretcher combo, and an english wheel to assist in our metal shaping. All the tools have not only exceeded our expectations, coupled with Baileigh’s tech support these tools have increased our quality, turn around time, and bottom line.

    To sum it up, with these new tools we definitely will have a leg up in the custom powder coating market. Adding metal restoration to our business, with quality metal shaping tools will definitely give Streetwerkz an advantage, and help us to shape the future of custom powder coating for our customers.

    Streetwerkz Custom Powder Coating

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