Bead Rollers

Baileigh Industrials metal bead rollers consists of three different models with different capacities and uses. We offer machines with capacities from 22-gauge mild steel down (20-gauge aluminum) to 18-gauge mild steel (16-gauge aluminum). We also have bead rollers that are manually driven or power driven depending on the model.


The BR-22 metal bead roll has a 22-gauge mild steel capacity and has a 7" throat depth. This is the perfect machine for HVAC applications. It comes standard with four sets of rolls and has others available. This machine takes up little shop space and can be bench mounted.

The BR-18M-18 metal bead roller has a generous 18" throat depth and has a capacity to roll 18-gauge mild steel sheet metal (16-gauge aluminum). This metal bead roll is perfect for the off road and dirt track enthusiast and is available at a very attractive price. It comes standard with a heavy stand with roll rack and includes 6 sets of rolls.

The BR-18E-36 power bead roller comes standard with a heavy duty industrial grade motor and gear reducer transmission. This all steel constructed metal bead roller has a very generous 36" throat depth making it perfect for any car builder or restorer to make rear deck lids, hoods, and roof panels. It comes standard with a heavy floor stand with roll rack. We offer fifty different roll sets to fit most body work on autos, motor cycles, and airplanes. This power bead roller comes standard with variable speed that is controlled by a foot pedal that makes working large pieces of sheet metal a breeze.

Baileigh metal bead rollers are quality constructed and reasonably priced. We typically have these machines in stock for quick shipments. Call your Baileigh representative for further information.

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  1. Bead Former BF-035

    Bead Former BF-035

    Manual Bead Former for 3/8" OD Tubing with a Maximum wall Thickness of .035 More
  2. Bead Rolling Machine BR-18M-18

    Bead Rolling Machine BR-18M-18

    Manually Operated Bead Roller. 18 Gauge Maximum Capacity. 18" Throat Depth. Includes Stand, Die Holders, and 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" Flanging Dies and 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Bead Dies More
  3. Bead Roller Br22

    Bead Roller BR-22

    Manually Operated Bead Roller. 22 Gauge Maximum Capacity. 7" Throat Depth. Includes Bench Top Mounting Hardware, 1/4" Turning, 1/8" Turning, Wiring, Crimping, Burring, and Ogee Beads More
  4. Bead Roller BR-18M-24

    Bead Roller BR-18M-24

    Manually Operated Bead Roller, 18 Gauge Maximum Capacity, 24" Throat Depth. Includes Stand, Roll Holder, Depth Stop Adjuster, 1-1/4" Steel Spoiler Roll. Accepts all BR-18E Tooling More
  5. Power Bead Roller BR-18E-24

    Power Bead Roller BR-18E-24

    110V, 24" Throat Depth Bead Roller for 16 Gauge Mild Steel, Includes Variable Speed Foot Pedal Control, Stand, Depth Adjuster, and Roll Holder More
  6. Power Bead Roller Machine BR-18E-36

    Power Bead Roller Machine BR-18E-36

    110V, 36" Throat Depth Bead Roller for 16 Gauge Mild Steel, Includes Variable Speed Foot Pedal Control, Stand, Depth Adjuster, and Roll Holder More
  7. Bead Roller Br16E36

    Bead Roller BR-16E-36

    16 gauge mild steel, 14-gauge aluminum capacity, 36" throat depth, inverter driven, variable speed foot pedal control, left or right hand operation controls, quick release top roll, adjustable depth on bottom roll, depth stop included, 110V. More

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