Metal Forming & Shaping

Baileigh's line of metal forming machines are great for shaping and bending metal. We offer a quality line of machines perfect for the auto and aviation enthusiast as well as ornamental iron artist.

Our metal shrinker stretcher line consists of 18 and 16 gauge machines, perfect for shrinking and stretching mild steel or aluminum. The English wheel that we offer comes complete with five anvil sizes and a generous 40" throat depth all at a very affordable price.

Our metal bender line consists of several multi-purpose ornamental Benders for flat bar, a scroll bender for fences and gates and a bending brake. A manual bending brake is also available for press bending flat iron, mild steel, or aluminum. Perfect for the ornamental hobbyist or professional metal fabricator.

To round out our perfect line of shaping and metal forming machines is the MH-19 power hammer. It offers slapping or rigid hits to aluminum or mild steel with adjustments that can be altered on the fly while in operation. It also comes with English wheel attachments. Thus, this is the most versatile power hammer on the market offering three machines in one.

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