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  • Factory Five Uses Baileigh Industrial’s Hydraulic Press Brake BP-3350

    Factory Five is the world’s largest manufacturer of component car kits. They employ a full time crew of about 30 people and are located in Wareham, Massachusetts. See a shop tour: www.factoryfive.com They showed up at SEMA this year with some truly amazing cars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMkwV6B3m74

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  • Baileigh Industrial Engineer Ready to Take “Flight”

    Baileigh Industrial employees have some very diverse interests, case in point, look at what Chris, Baileigh Industrial’s Head Engineer does in his spare time. Chris is an accomplished pilot and loves flight, so naturally the next step was building his own plane. Check out the

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  • Baileigh Industrial Heading Down Under… To Australia

    To further expand on our commitment to the South Pacific, Baileigh Industrial, Inc. of Manitowoc, WI has Incorporated Baileigh Industrial Pty. Limited that will be opening a new distribution / service center in the Providences of Victoria and New South Wales during 2012.  This new

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  • Shaping Metal Solution

    Several months ago Chuck Wahl from Vultures Row Aviation called us here at Baileigh looking for a solution to shape metal. This is what he ended up with. http://www.baileighindustrial.com/blog/our-new-club-house-from-baileigh/ Chuck is always braggin’ around his airplane buddies about the quality of his MSS-14H Shrinker Stretcher.  He

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  • E-Model Metal Lathes Quick Change Tool Posts

    All About Quick Change Tool Posts As some of you know our E-Model metal lathes come with a pretty cool feature, a quick change tool post and four tool holders.  And lately some questions have come up about sizes and industry standards when talking to

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