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  • Rat Rods….Las Vegas Style

    Love em’ or hate em’, you cannot deny that Rat Rods have made their way into the American lexicon. Although they get mixed reviews throughout automotive circles, they do have a rather large following. The phone rings constantly here at Baileigh with Rat Rod applications.

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  • Cut, Bevel, Weld, Grind, Polish, Repeat……Why Not Just Bend?

    A member of our mandrel bender team recently visited a customer’s location to review their operation and possibly engineer a solution to speed things up a bit. This is what he found……literally hundreds of man hours of cutting, beveling, welding, grinding and polishing. A job

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  • Best Tube Notcher on the Planet / Rullo Custom Cycles

    Steven Rullo has always been fascinated with motorcycles. While building, repairing and modifying bikes out of his garage on the weekends, his reputation for quality work spread like wildfire. His weekend hobby quickly became a significant part of his life as his business began to

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  • The Fab School, Teaching Real World Fabrication Skills

    Located in Riverside, CA, The Fab School is a private, post-secondary, vocational school that specializes in the fundamentals of metal fabrication. The school has been educating students on the technical skills and theories of fabrication since 2005, providing hands-on training in a real-world, working fabrication

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  • The Ultimate Louver Press

    Pete Ayers is a Hot Rod builder and fabricator who demands quality. Although Pete is across the pond in the U.K, we could not have asked for a nicer guy to deal with. I spent some time with him on the phone and I have

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