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  • Ametalsoul (Pronounced: A Metal Soul) by David Wertz

    Ametalsoul (Pronounced: A Metal Soul) is the brain child of metal sculptor and artist David Wertz. He has been at it for over 12 years, providing the world with abstract metal sculptures and art pieces that are definitely outside the norm. Located in Roanoke, Virginia,

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  • Hammering in Hawaii with Padilla Designs

    Padilla Designs specializes in designing and creating custom functional and decorative artwork for designers, architects, contractors and private homeowners all over the world. Using a variety of materials including copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and numerous hardwoods, Padilla designs creates pieces that are organic, timeless

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  • That Old Machinist down the Road / George Sandy

    We all have that old mechanic down the road…….the old timer that has been doing it his whole life. With his lifetime of experience, greasy bib overalls and caffeine breath….you know that you are in good hands. This describes George Sandy perfectly…..he is “the old

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  • Loving the R-M40 by Maxx Custom

    Loving the R-M40 by Maxx Custom “I had to roll some metal today to fill orders for these podiums for the funeral industry. We love using the trusty old R-M40 roll bender. This puppy has been so reliable for at least 7 years.” Thanks Maxx Custom!    

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  • Making a planishing hammer sing like a guitar / Lacey Metal Designs

    When does a machine go from ordinary to extraordinary? When it tells a story…. Nobody can make a planishing hammer tell a story like Mike Gallucci from Lacey metal Designs can. An amazingly talented metal artist out of Lacey Washington who has impressed us time

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