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  • Extreme Mitering with CMS Strauss Glass

    Since 1985, CMS Glass has been a true leader in fabrication. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, they have their own flavor of intricate architectural designs. Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, they are constantly working with glass, mirror, aluminum, steel, brass and ornamental

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  • A Social Media Monster, Baileigh Industrial

    Baileigh Industrial offers the largest line of Metal Fabrication and Woodworking machinery on the planet. With global headquarters located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and worldwide distribution, we have grown to be the premier machinery supplier around the world. Baileigh also has the largest social media following

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  • The CNC Plasma table: an instant goldmine.

    Working here at Baileigh Industrial, I have had the pleasure of dealing with just about every type of customer, from every type of industry. From the small hot rod and off road shops that are just starting out, to large structural fabrication and industrial plants

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  • Southern Domination in Metal Fabrication: Fusion Metalworks

    .   A must see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MdyQxFiQ_g Taking over the South, one weld at a time, Fusion Metalworks is southern Florida’s largest and most capable fabrication shops. From welding, rigging and custom coatings, to mobile fabrication, hand rail and structural erecting, Fusion’s team of hardcore fabricators

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  • Ian Berky, a Rising Star in the California Kustom Car Scene

    Aside from being an excellent metal shaper and an amazing car builder, Ian Berky has quite the following in the Kustom car scene. Located in Riverside, California, he is living the lifestyle to the fullest. Check him out on his Instagram page here: @ianberky Whether

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