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  • Copper Obsession…….The Metal Shaping Gene……with Whitefield Roofing

    Working with copper requires a certain gene that few men have anymore. A genuine love for metal shaping, or as Terry Whitefield would describe it….an obsession. He is a true artisan that takes enormous pride in each project and is doing his part to keep

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  • Old Faithful……Finesse from an H Frame press

    H-frame presses or hydraulic shop presses have been utilized in just about every fabrication, auto repair facility and maintenance shop in history. Many are old, rusty and usually have a couple rags and work shirts hanging from them. As dirty and ugly as they can

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  • Thanks for making affordable tools that…….

    Chad Leppeert was nice enough to send us this picture of his latest creation. He designed and fabricated this planishing die holder for his PH-24A planishing hammer using his BP-10E hydraulic bench press outfitted with a 3″ louver die. He added some dimple die action

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  • Tube Bending with Zephyr Engineering

    Zephyr Engineering is a contract manufacturing company located in Salem, Oregon. Specializing in laser cutting, forming, CNC machining and welding, they do it all when it comes to metal. Over the past several years, President and owner John Martins has slowly filled his production floor

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  • “A jar of elbow grease”……Woodworking with Dan Thomack

    Thomack Custom Cabinets is located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Owner and CEO Dan Thomack is the incredible talent behind the success of the company. With more work than he can keep up with, his business has grown exponentially over the past several years. Specializing in custom

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